AA4XX Beacon heard, sort of.


From: ALLEN SMITH (JKXM17A@prodigy.com)
Date: Mon Jan 01 1996 - 19:39:21 EST

Well, I can't say that I actually copied the entire beacon string but I can
say for sure that I heard the beacon. I first noticed it barely
perceptible at 2319Z, signal strength 219 with only occasional letters
distinguishable. "vvv vvv vvv _00_w___ oo(?)_ d_AA4XX/b" In other words I
didn't get the output power or the secret code word and therefore no cigar
but I am delighted to hear even that little bit.

Occasional letters continued to rise almost imperceptibly above the noise
until 2337Z when WR4I questioned the availability of the frequency. I
quickly advised "no" and he considerately departed. Then, at 2339Z, W9JVF
claimed the frequency and began calling CQ. At 2343Z W9JVF was successful
in engaging another station in QSO so I gave up the struggle.

The receiver was a Wilderness NC40A. It was snowing at the time and the
noise level high.

Happy New Year and 72 from,

Allen - AA0YU, Grand Junction, CO.

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