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Date: Mon Jan 01 1996 - 18:07:38 EST

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Date: Mon, 1 Jan 1996 04:17:57 -0500 (EST)
From: David Johnson <djohnson@acpub.duke.edu>
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Subject: Durham NC QRP Meeting !!!


Announcing another fun, informal gathering of Triangle Area QRPers!
All persons interested in low-power amateur radio communications
are invited and encouraged to attend! Please spread the news about
this meeting!

Time: 7:00 pm
Date: January 25, 1996
Location: 2522 Alpine Rd., Durham.

This is my (Dave Johnson's, WA4NID) house, at the corner of Alpine
and Dixon. Dixon runs south from University Dr.

I plan to listen on the 147.225 repeater ahead of time, to provide

Directions from Duke: take Erwin (Cameron) Dr south past the
Washington Duke Hotel and past the exit to 15/501, past Durham
Academy on the right to University Dr (the next light). Take a
left and go to the intersection of Chapel Hill Rd/Dixon Rd.
Take a right and go till you see the sign for Alpine Rd (just
after Winton) on the left. Look for the house on the corner
(with the telephone pole).

Directions from I-40: take the Jordan Lake exit (route 751) and
go north on this road (also called Hope Valley Rd) about 3.2 miles
(past Garrett Rd and the golf course). Look on the left for the
City Park sign; go past this, and past Saint Andrews Rd, and turn
left at the next road, which is Alpine Rd. Follow Alpine until you
pass Lucerne Circle on the right. The road dips and just as it
starts to slope upward, you will see the house on the corner on the
right. (If you come to the end of Alpine, you can do a loop around
the block by turning either right or left).

Directions from I-85: Take 15-501 south to the Southsquare Mall
exit. Follow the road (Chapel Hill Blvd) past the mall and take
the exit for route 751. Take a right at the light at the end of the
exit ramp (no turns on red!), go past Durham Academy, and from here
follow the above "Directions from Duke".

Attendees will get to see my messy shack (a whole room full of
junk. Oops, I mean treasures!) and antennas (if there's some
daylight left), and generally have fun fellowship! Everyone is
encouraged to bring along rigs and/or accessories to "show and tell",
along with your tales of recent QRP exploits. I will provide some
refreshments (not dinner, just some drinks and snacks!). Hope to
see you there!


Dave Johnson, WA4NID

Amateur Extra WA4NID. Low power enthusiast!
email: djohnson@acpub.duke.edu DO SOMETHING!

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