Iambic A or B


From: ALLEN SMITH (JKXM17A@prodigy.com)
Date: Mon Jan 01 1996 - 13:27:29 EST

In response to a recently posting concerning confusion about the two keying
 methods known as "iambic A" or "iambic B" I offer the following for consideration:

Check your ARRL handbook, if you have one. My '93 handbook includes an
explanation of "plain vanilla" keying vs "B" keying. The iambic "A or
B"modes refer to what happens when the operator squeezes both paddles
together at the same time. In iambic "B" the keyer completes the alternate
element after the paddles are released. In iambic "A" the keyer does not
complete the alternating element when the paddles are released. Thus Tony
Drumm's observation that he produced a "k" instead of a "c" in iambic mode
"A" when he attempted to squeeze out a "CQ" on his keyer. That's just what
it should have done.

Personally, I prefer mode "A" due to my personal style of attacking my
Vibroplex iambic paddles rather than squeezing them. (Does that make any
sense to anyone besides me?)

72, Allen - AA0YU, Grand Junction, CO. (formerly "Bellyache Flats."

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