Gap Titan Vertical


Date: Mon Jan 01 1996 - 11:52:34 EST

Hey Jess,

I have been using the Gap Titan for about six months now and I am
very pleased with its performance. I live in an area thats not very
antenna friendly- in fact, there are covenants!! But, I helped during
the latest re-write they recently had and I am "legal" (now!). The
rest of that story some other time....

My Titan is installed on a 15 foot pipe that is centered in a batch of
trees for camoflage (sp?). The pipe is a couple of those "top pipes"
used for chain link fences, one is cemented into the ground and the
next one (abt 11') sticks into that. The base of the Titan is guyed for
stability there and since it is surrounded by trees there is no room
for the "counterpoise". That loop of wire they refer to as the counter-
poise is really the "rest" of the 40 mter portion of the antenna. I
clamped the wire to the base of the radiating element using the clamp
for the "cross bars" and I used that wire as one of the guys. This wire
is straight out and down at about a 30 deg angle. The swr at the bottom
of 40 is about 3:1 and I have been meaning to lengthen the wire, but it
works so well I havent felt the need to mess with it. I used small nylon
rope to guy the antenna abt half way up for more stabilty and to keep
it out of the trees when windy. It really does flail around otherwise.
Incidentally, I painted the Titan a dull grey/green to make it less
obvious...blends right in!

When I first put it together I set it up about 6 ft above ground and it
tuned up as advertised...good swr's at all the right places. And -
with no tuning!! I'm not sure what tuning can be done? The "cap
unit" tunes the antenna to a preselected freq on 80. You can order
the antenna for the section of 80 you want to operate in. I bought
an extra cap-unit for the phone section...but its gathering dust on
the desk since its not easy to change after the antenna is mounted.
The antenna has a very small bandwidth on 80, just a couple of 100khz
wide. Swr is 1:1 at 3.6 and is 2:1 at 3.5mHz. They do some really
funny stuff to get it to be resonant at 80mtrs...I suspect it is a radiating
dummy load! But I seem to get out ok... I am pleased at how well it
does on the other bands. In place, in the trees, nothing changed swr
wise except for the 40 mter thing I described before.

I would suspect the "cap unit" may be defective. Thats the easiest thing
to check and I think the cap is in the circuit on all bands. The "manual"
leaves a lot to be desired, but the factory was very helpful on the phone.
I would double check that the tuner rods are on the correct standoffs. I
would assume nothing and start from scratch on those.

I guess I havent been much help except to show you a "success story"
to give you hope. I have found it to be a great antenna.

HNY and 73,

Randy WJ4P

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