Re: Solar Power


Date: Mon Jan 01 1996 - 10:25:15 EST

Hi Steven,

Thanks for the Web page info.

Those prices seem pretty high, must be Canadian dollars. A 16 vdc 4.4 amp
panel should be in the 450 dollar ball park, charger/regulators should be
between 40 and 50 dollars. I buy my solar equipment from Atlantic Solar in
Baltimore, Md 301-686-2500, they are the only solar
manufacturers/distributors that have a booth inside and outside at Dayton
every year.

They have a terrific catalog too. Everything from solar panels to batteries,
inverters, wind energy, water energy, charge controllers/regulators, gasoline
powered generators, evaporative coolers, lighting, appliances that run on low
voltage dc, books. a fairly complete one stop shopping center for alternative
energy sources. their panels range from very small (hand held size) to
complete home energy systems. Plus charts on sizing panels, batteries and
lots of other good info.

I have a pair of their 1 ft sq panels that put out 14.5 vdc at 280 ma, they
were 40 dollars each at Dayton 95. the edge of the panels have a grooved
channel for mounting and to keep the panel rigid. Its first class. I also
have their charge controller, its about 2 inches square, has 4 LED's to show
charge conditions and is water tight, great for outdoors use. it was 44

Generally the smaller and less expensive panels are Amorphous Silicon and the
larger more expensive panels are crystalline silicon wafers. You can also get
regulators sized for 13.2 vdc RV batterys or 12 volt gell cell batteries.

72, Byron WA8LCZ Detroit

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