Gap Titan Antenna


Date: Mon Jan 01 1996 - 09:53:30 EST

Hi all,

Had a chance tp pickup a Gap Titan for a good price locally used. I thouht
that I might be able to get it on the air in time for SKN/QRP, but alas, the
SWR's just are not where they are supposed to be. I know that there are a
couple of pepole on the list that have used this antenna and I would like
some input, as I will go out and brave the cold to get it tuned today. I
initially put it on a 4 foot pipe in the ground with the counterpoise about
1-2 feet off of the ground. Yes i know that they recommend at least 5 feet.
This is very temporary. The antenna was partially assembled when I got it
home. It appeared from the visual I did on it compared to the diagram that it
was assembled and wired right. They talk in the manual about the antenna
being resonant on the "preselected" 80 meter band frequency. I see nowhere in
the little manual that comes with the antenna that you can pre-tune or
preselect the 80 meter band coverage. I checked the antenna with the trusty
RF-1 and it is no where near resonant on 80 meters. The closest it comes is
about 8.5-1 SWR around 2.8 MHZ. On 40 meters the SWR is around 6-1 in band
and I get a 2.1-1 SWR at about 6.8 MHZ. The only 2 bands that the antenna is
resonant on so far is 15 meters and 10 meters. ooops also 12 meters. The SWR
on 20 meters is about 4-1 but the antenna is resonant at about 13.5 MHZ.

Sory to ramble. I hope that there is someone else out there that has used one
of these that can shed some light to save me experimentation time. I know
that I need to get it off of the ground some, but I have a hard time
believing that it would cuase it to not be resonant on 80 meters at all if to
close to the ground!

Best for the new year, and did get on 40 and 80 last night for SKN after the
appointed times, about 4:00 to 5:00 Z and made lots of good QSO's and had
fun. Used the 80 meter inverted L and the trusty R7 ( which has been sold,
the other ham shud pick it up today)


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