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Date: Sun Dec 31 1995 - 19:40:09 EST

Hi Gang,

This is my first posting....always just enjoyed reading.

I noticed that alot of folks ask for for the St. Louis Tuner.
Even if you don't have a callbook or CD ROM you can use email callsign server.
You can also add your email address to the callsign database as mentioned
in the reply below from the callsign server.

You can get any address using the callsign, by emailing a message to:
For the example below, the body of the message (NOT the subject) would have:
                                 lookup wa6ger
as the only text. You will quickly get the reply below:

On Thu, 28 Dec 1995, QRZ E-MAIL Callsign Server <> wrote:
>Thank you for using the QRZ callsign e-mail server.
>Below is the information on the callsign(s) that you requested.
> Callsign: WA6GER
> Addr1: 3241 EASTWOOD RD
> Addr2: SACRAMENTO CA 95821
> Country: USA
> Class: General
> Effective: 16 Aug 1988
> Expires: 16 Aug 1998
> Born: 18 May 1926
>Thank you for using the QRZ e-mail callsign server.
>The complete QRZ callsign database is available on CDROM
>for a variety of computer systems including Windows,
>UNIX and Mac. To find out more, send an e-mail to
>Or, try out our web page at:
>If you would like to add your e-mail address to the database,
>send an e-mail to with a message that
>looks like the following using your callsign and address:
>qrz_email W1ABC
>73 from QRZ

Rich Bachmann, N3SLR

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