Date: Sun Dec 31 1995 - 17:34:51 EST

Hello Gang,

1996 promises to be a great yrear for the New England QRP club.

Here are a list of events for the comming year.

February through March, 79er Sprint contest

Date: every Thursday in Feb. and Mar. Begining Feb.1,1996
Time: 21:00 to 22:00 E.S.T. (02:00-03:00) UTC

This is a frinedly contest to see how many stations can be contacted
using a color burst frequency of 3.579. Join the fun, contact the
color burst folks and give them a contact point if you don't have one

March 10, 1996, Winter meeting and operate W1AW/qrp

                        Arrive at 09:00 to do some show and tell.
                        Meeting is @ 10:00 E.S.T.
                        Break for lunch at 12:00
                        Get set up @ 13:00
                        Operate W1AW/ qrp for 2 hours,
                        (for those who can't attend, listen to W1AW for us)

May 16,17,18,19 Dayton convention

                        Hobb Nobb with the Qrp greats

June 22,23, Field Day
                        Usually held at the Wind mill farm in Princeton Ma.
                        More on this later.

September 21, QRP-AFIELD
                        This event was pioneered by the N.E.-QRP-C.
                        This is an abreviated version of field day, QRP
                        style. Even with band conditions low, we has a ball.
                        It doesn't take much to score big here folks,and
                        very friendly QSO's to boot.

October 5,6, ARRL convention at Boxboro Ma.
                        More information on this event will be
                        available later.
de AA1IK N.E.-QRP-C. # 202 ( Lead by example, It is better to )
                  QRP-L member #95. ( pull a string than it is to push it.)
Ernie Gregoire
RR 1 Box 221
Canaan, NH. 03741

New England QRP Club, information
available on request by sending me a
 S.A.S.E. or via E-mail.



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