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From: Richard H. Arland (
Date: Sun Dec 31 1995 - 15:58:31 EST

Well, I have had my Sierra on the air for a couple of days and worked
some medeocre DX with it, and must say that I am really impressed with
the design, ease of construction and the responses from QRP Bob at

In a side-by-side, A-B comparison with my ARgo 515, the Sierra seems to
be as sensitive if not more so than the Argo. The excellent Xtal
filtering in the IF makes it more of a CW machine than the 515 with the
optional 2.4 kHz 8-pole filter installed. I have to use the external
AF/notch filter (model 208-A) on the 515 to approach the selectivity of
the Sierra.

I am truly amazed at the operational characteristics of the rig. In a
long QSO with Fran, KA3WTF, about 2 miles away, on 40 last nite, he
commented that the transmitter sounded the better than any other rig he
has heard me use at the shack. Knowing Fran, this is quite a statement.
The CW note is very nice and the shaping seems to be just right.

Now I have to get the 30 and 20 meter modules built and aligned then
start the mods, with the first mod being a S/RF meter. I think that I
will keep the ABX control on the main PC board instead of remoting it
to the front panel. With the ABX control at midpoint, the sensitivity
seems to be the way I like it. If I need a tighter IF bandwidth I can
always pop the top or add an external AF filter.

I use a preamplified R-S speaker on the Sierra and it literally fills
the room with sound.

Happy New Year to all!

72/73 rich

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