Date: Sun Dec 31 1995 - 13:33:08 EST

Hi Dave,

By the time, someone has reported the TVI problem to you, they have already
suffered long enough to get really mad, then it took awhile to trace the
problem to you.

I would start by moving the antenna outside, away from the building. Inside
antennas are always a problem, since you're 5 watt signal is so much stronger
then the TV station being received. You might also try different
polarizations, like a vertical or small loop antenna. AEA, MFJ. But get it as
far away from your tv leadin as possible. Most apartments are on cable these
days, so you're signal is probably being picked up by the cable and sent to
every one in your building. If only one neighbor has tvi, she might be using
rabbit ears. Then you're really in trouble, even with an outside antenna.

Most apartment dwellers are young people with loud stereos or retired folks
with no money for cable, so they use rabbit ears. You're five watt signal
will always overload their TV.

When I lived in an apartment, I had the same problem, the lower floor always
gets it worst then the second floor (where I lived). Although I made some
pretty good QRP contacts back then with a dipole in the hallway between the
front door and the bedroom.

Next give your phone number (this is optional, of course) to your neighbor
and ask her to call you if she has any further problems. If someone else is
causing any TVI, you want her to know that too. If she reports the TVI to the
building manager, you could be evicted and she's already mad as hell. She
sees you as violating her right to watch TV. You can also make use of mobile
and portable operations much more. Many hams operate mobile/portable every
day that live in apartments. its a way to get your hamming in, without
causing problems at home. Make sure you arent radiating any power on a
harmonic freq, low pass filters are good for this. a antenna tuner can also
help attenuate unwanted harmonics. I gave up operating from my apartment back
in 1981, even though i was QRP. Its just too close to too many TV sets. It
took the fun out of it. Its time to get creative. Good luck.

The important thing, is to get it resolved as soon as possible. Every day,
she has to live with TVI, the problem will get worst.

So far in my house, in 3.5 years, i have never had a TVI complaint yet. And
I'm on the air every day. Knock on wood-like-substitute ! I'm not exactly
antenna stealthy either, with a 25 ft vertical on the chimney.

Move into a house as soon as you can, its a good deal, but get a big enough
back yard for antennas and no power lines criss crossing your yard. The money
you'll save on mortgage interest can pay for that new rig and antenna very
quickly. Apartment rent keeps going up every year, a mortgage payment stays
the same for the life of the loan.

72, Byron WA8LCZ Detroit

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