It had to happen


From: David Adams (
Date: Sun Dec 31 1995 - 03:49:40 EST

Well...After two years in this apartment complex (and only a bit longer
as a ham), I have received my first TVI complaint....and I was at
qrp (ish) levels (ssb at less than 10 watts...need to calibrate the
meter). 15m is the big problem...the only other thing that causes
problems is 40, and I keep that below 5w which alleviates that

I guess it's time to gather up the interference pamphlets and offer
to help solve the filtering probs...but this is not going to be fun...
this lady hates us. OUr fault I spose...They are in the apartment
below us so whenever our three year old is on the balcony and manages to
knock over a plant or something, the spillover hits their patio. (She
isn't actually allowed out there anymore, of course, but the lady
downstairs has a long memory...the glass of water brittany spilled
on her patio (bare concrete mind you...within a couple hours of it
raining anyway) seems to have ticked her off)...ah well this should
be fun...anyone have any particular recommendations for approaching
the tvi problem?


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