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From: wayne barnhart (wayneb@on-ramp.ior.com)
Date: Sun Dec 31 1995 - 00:49:00 EST

Well there be good news and bad news. The bad news is that I am only getting
1.8 watts out of my HW-8 on 20M which means that someday I am going to have
to go into the thing and blow the cobwebs out. The good news is that it
dosnt seem to matter, people can still hear me. Today I got a 339 from
California and a 559 from the St. Louis area. But that not be the entire story.

I finally got off my duff and measured my acient coax (about 20 yrs old).
There be 100ft of the stuff (RG8) because I never had the heart to cut it.
At 14 MHz there should be about .6dB loss. I am running about 3.5dB loss.
You want to talk about ugly. Well, with the .1 watt reflected and the coax
eating up about half the power, I figure I be putting about .5 watt to the
antenna. On the other hand its still making noise so...

Also, I intend on ordering a NW8020 for 20M next week so maybe I leave the
HW-8 as it is. The way I see it, in another 20 years maybe it will qualify
for QRPp... :)

Was wondering though. I don't see foam breaking down that much. Also,
eventhough the coax is old it hasn't seen continous service in the
environment for all those years. You think if I cut about 5 ft off of each
end and put on new connectors I could reduce the losses. I ask because I be
to lazy to go out and try.

Oh. Some have asked about my tag line. Before I started studying electronics
I was a Biologist but there be little to no work for such so I be back in
school. Many critters like dirt, therefore biologist like dirt. Dirt is good.


Wayne Barnhart WB7WHI Dirt is good!
Spokane, Wa.

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