Re: Toroid cores (where to buy)


Date: Sat Dec 30 1995 - 23:58:31 EST

In a message dated 95-12-30 17:40:53 EST, (David
Adams) writes:

>Where does everyone order theirs? I was getting ready to put together
>an order from Mouser when I realized that they don't appear to carry
>73 de dave, n9uxu

Ocean State Electronics
POB 1458
6 Industrial Drive
Westerly, RI 02891 (good prices)

Palomar Engineering
POB 462222
Escondido, CA 92046 (good selection)

Amidon Associates
POB 956
Torrance, CA 90508 (good reference materials)

This is another good time to plug the ARRL Handbook (suppliers listed there).
For $38 or $1gadzillion, this is the ham's first and best reference. Buy one
before you buy another kit or used radio and you'll find answers for most of
the construction, antenna, theory and operating questions you have about this

And yes I do own a part of the ARRL and profit from it's activities... as
does any other dues paying member (as well as all the rest of the amateur
radio operators around the world).

72, Darrel, WD6BOR

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