Date: Sat Dec 23 1995 - 21:57:07 EST

Hello Gang,

Bruce at Index Labs, fixed the W1AW trouble on 80 meters.
(A brief recap, W1AW does code practdice at 3.5815 and at 1500 watts.
The QRP+ has a spur that is responsible for all but wiping out the
80 meter band when W1AW was broadcasting).

The trouble was very annoying due to the W1AW schedule coinciding with my
operating habits. The fix was to replace the 10.24 MHz microprocessor crystal
with a 10.64 MHz crystal. The microprocessor clock was responsible for the
W1AW trouble.

The 80 meter band has never sounded better. I could not even hear the
code practice on it's assigned frequency, but I could hear it every
where else. Now it is clear as a bell,(the signal is still 50 over 9 here)
and there is no interference with nearby weaker stations. I can't wait to
try this rig out again in a contest.

So QRP+ owners, send in your rigs, you will be very happy with the
improved version of firm ware too. The CW keyer is now in 1 wpm steps,
and the AGC attack is nowhere near as severe as it once was.

There was no charge for the fix, and the invoice showed 12.5 hours
of bench time. Thank you Index, and particularly Bruce Franklin for
putting in the time and effort.

As a bonus, Tim gave me a hint of things to come. He said that Index
has been working on some good stuff for upgrades to the rig. Listen up
all you SSB users, this mod's for you. Speach processing, and other
goodies that must remain under wraps for the time being.(NO,I don't know
what they are either). But he said that the mods would be great!
de AA1IK N.E.-QRP-C. # 202 ( Lead by example, It is better to )
                  QRP-L member #95. ( pull a string than it is to push it.)
Ernie Gregoire
RR 1 Box 221
Canaan, NH. 03741

New England QRP Club, information
available on request by sending me a
 S.A.S.E. or via E-mail.



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