Power Supplies


From: BOB KELLOGG (ae4ic@nr.infi.net)
Date: Sat Dec 23 1995 - 21:39:34 EST


Just shoot me down if this has been covered before, but it looks like
computer power supplies would be a good cheap resource for shack power
supplies. They would also be small and lightweight

I've fooled around with a couple of them, and it seems that the way they are
designed, there must be considerable current draw before they work. I'm not
sure why that's necessary. It looks like the circuit could be simplified to
just produce 12 volts, (or maybe a variable voltage), eliminating the minus
voltages and the 5 volts.

Does anyone know anything about these transformerless switching supplies?
Does anyone know of a book or resource material on the design?

Bob Kellogg, AE4IC
Prolably, but not nececelery. - Benny Hill

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