Holiday greetings...


From: Jim Lowman (
Date: Sat Dec 23 1995 - 20:19:23 EST

Just wanted to wish all on the QRP-L list the best of the holidays.

With 11 days off, I may just get the antenna up, and the QRP+ on the air for
the first time.

Awakened to rain this morning. On the way out to breakfast, we noticed snow
in the
nearby mountains - probably down to the 3,000-foot mark. Having grown up in
it just doesn't seem the same on Christmas without it. But this way, we
have the best
of both worlds; we can observe it from a distance - even take the 4WD Rodeo
up into it -
but we don't have to shovel it! :-)

Christmas and the snow were much better when we were kids, anyway.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and best of the New Year to the QRP

Jim - KF6CR
QRP-L #248 (should have been #6!)

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