?? on flying with qrp rigs and hotel antenna's


From: Ptcandy@aol.com
Date: Sat Dec 23 1995 - 09:57:46 EST

1. The company I work for has promoted me (I think) to national sales
manager. My territory has expanded from the NYC area to most of the US and
Canada. I would like to take my rig with me. However, with all this extra
security at the airport, I don't want to be delayed by inquisitive security
people at the terminal. I never check by baggage so anything I take, I carry
on the plane. Should I expect any problems?

2. I have tried in the past various antenna setups in hotel rooms with
rather poor results. Either the window's don't open or their is a high amount
of electrical noise or some other problem. Has anyone had any experience with
compact antenna's which would give my meek signal a fighting chance of
getting out? How about the isoloop?

3. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my fellow QRP-L'ers the
best of season's greetings and a healthy and happy new year.
May all your QSO's be 5-9 -(9) +
May all your home brew (built) projects work the first time
May you work every fox on the first call
May your SWR be 1:1 (at every point on the transmission line)
May you hold the frequency for as long as you want

Peter N2KPY

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