The season of giving


Date: Sat Dec 23 1995 - 05:55:44 EST

Some recent and wonderful exchanges of ideas, both distributed to the
list and direct to me, have reminded me of something true of the folks on
this list and worth thinking about in this season of giving.

I have a theory of ham radio, inherited from my Dad (ex-1ATG, ex-W1BUK,
now KA1TXF at 89): hams will give you the shirts off their backs, with
only one condition: not that you give them back, but that--when the time
comes--you pass the shirts on to others who may need them.

My personal thanks to all who have shared their knowledge (often gained
at considerable personal effort to answer someone's specific question),
no matter what aspect of hamming has been involved. May 1996--and even
2996--see the continuation of this spirit.

And to those who feel they have more questions than answers (is that
everyone?), never fear asking your question on this list. Sometimes,
asking what seems to be a basic question makes one feel a little
embarrassed, a little foolish. But, over 30 years of teaching, I have
always told my students this: Better to look foolish, ask a question,
and learn than to be silent, look wise, and flunk. Unlike a classroom,
ham radio is more patient, because in hamming, you never flunk until you
quit trying. That is another of its wonders.

May the only flames be those in your fireplace as you share the season
with family and friends--and of course the flame of amateur radio and QRP
in your heart (or in whatever other part of the body you keep it--spleens
and gall bladders were once popular places to keep feelings).

Thanks, happy holidays, and a very good 1996 to all.


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