2nd (and final) 26 Dec FOX Post


From: Timothy J. Pettibone (tpettibo@NMSU.Edu)
Date: Thu Dec 21 1995 - 12:17:45 EST

We leave in the am for San Diego. I'll be on Tuesday evening the 26th of
December (local time) as follows:

0200-0300z (6-7pm PDT) 7110+/-
0300-0400z (7-8pm PDT) 7040+/-

I'll be running the QRP Plus and the Hamstick mobile whip from my Dodge
Caravan. May even get the YF to log for me again! Counter to the
sentiments expressed by some, my October 17th
stint as the FOX followed a similar schedule and I had lots more contacts
on the 7110KHz portion. Admittedly, most were not Novice/Tech+ but I
don't censor/screen. I'll try to remember to send slower but will
follow your lead (really!) Look for me and have a great holiday.


p.s. I'll be away from my computer so won't see any posts after today
until the 28th.

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