Re: Care and Feeding of Deep Cycle Batteries?


Date: Tue Dec 19 1995 - 20:14:59 EST

I needed the same info a few months ago. I bought a deep cycle battery from
Sears. They could not give me any information on caring for it. I found
out the batteries are made by Exide.

The Web page has many answers.

Their E-Mail is:

I e-mailed them 3 pages of questions and their reply was very detailed.

In summary:
Full charge open circuit voltage is 12.72 Volts. But this is only after a
brief discharge, or waiting a day for the surface charge to disipate. Need
approximately 13.8 Volts from charger to recharge, but 14.8 Volts from a
total discharged state. Battery will start to gas at about 13.75 Volts.
This is normal. Use a hydrometer to determine charge. sg = 1.265-1.285.
For low amp draws, do not let the battery go below 10.5 Volts. Batteries
below 12.50 Volts in storage should be recharged. Float charge is
13.2-13.4 Volts.

Please confirm these numbers with Exide again yourself just to be sure, but
they have worked for me.


Steve Pituch, N2MNN

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