From: David Kreinberg (kreinbd@ccgate.dl.nec.com)
Date: Tue Dec 19 1995 - 08:44:51 EST

     Thanks to all who've responded about my whoas
     on 40M lately. Sounds like I'm not the only
     one who's had no joy.
     This morning it occurred to me to rise my lazy
     butt out of bed a few minutes early and try
     40 before work.
     Low and behold, a bunch of S8/S9 sigs all
     around calling CQ. Gave a W9 a call and
     he returned a 579 to me from Minnesota.
     Guess my rig and ant. are working!
     Maybe I just need to adjust my op time
     to early morning, early evening hours.
     I figured the 8 - 10 pm local time
     might be best, but this is where I
     seem to get a big "null" to my calls.
     I need to learn that the HF ham bands
     aren't required to accommodate my
     "comfortable" op. times. I may need
     to bow to what nature and the mighty
     ionosphere dish out.
     Oh well, another rookie ham lesson
     Enjoy & Season's Greetings
     Hey Chuck, how'd your EXP II do on
     30M last night? We're waiting with
     frosty breath (It's coooold in Dallas,
     72/73 de Dave KK5HA
     QRP-L #25

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