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From: Dennis Blanchard (
Date: Fri Dec 08 1995 - 01:37:19 EST

Someone was asking about enclosures for home projects etc. I didn't make a
note of whom. In any case, if you check out our Web Page (below) we have a
few items there that might be of interest. All of the items are new but
surplus from one of our manufacturing runs. I believe one of our readers,
Bill Acito, purchased one and would attest to the quality.

If you don't have a browser, I can put together something in ASCII and post it
here if desired.

Also, we have started a monthly special on the Web Page, sometimes the item is
inexpensive, other times it is one of our more pricey items. Have a look.

Oh, I have also posted a Christmas Poem that I wrote some years ago. It is on
our humor page. Enjoy and have a great holiday season folks.

Dennis, K1YPP
Hampstead, NH
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