Re: Hotel antennas


Date: Thu Dec 07 1995 - 20:55:13 EST

This hotel antenna may be of interest:

For a special operation requiring the use of HF between fixed and mobile
stations in a 300 mile radius we used this antenna:

I built a mast which extends to 12 - 15 feet from telescoping aluminum
tubing. The tubing was U-bolted to a thick plastic plate or block which
served as a base insulator.
The mast was not too cumbersome, since the telescoping sections were four
feet long and could fit in some bags and suitcases.

While this setup worked well with an automatic tuner and the mast sticking
out from a highrise hotel balcony, we needed better coverage on the lower HF
and MF bands for our needs. I added approximately 75 feet of thin gray
insulated wire to the tip of the mast, making the antenna a random wire. The
wire was weighted enough on the end to keep it from blowing in the wind. The
mast helps to get the wire out away from the building for more efficiency,
and also keeps troglodytes on lower floors from grabbing the wire to gnaw on

The mast was tilted up at 20 degrees, like a fishing pole to give it strength
and because of mounting constraints in the balcony wall.

The counterpoise was two insulated #12 wires, 25 feet long each, zigazgged
around the balcony.

An Icom AH-2 autotuner was used right at the base of the antenna. Other auto
and manual tuners will work with this antenna but must be at the antenna
base, do not feed the antenna through coax with the tuner in the shack.

Our antenna system covered 1.6-30 MHz continuously. It outperformed mobile
whips used from similar balconies. The length of the antenna wire is not
critical but might be varied to provide higher radiation angles for the lower
bands (several wavelengths).

73, Jay

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