Re: Radio Shack DSP ???


From: 'AB7HI' Stephen Lee (
Date: Thu Dec 07 1995 - 18:49:57 EST

I've got the RS DSP filter unit. Using it with my Icom IC701
dating from the '80's it works out pretty good. The 701 doesn't
have great selectivity in CW mode. Using the two together improves
selectivity yet I can disengage the DSP with a push of the switch
and have wide open reception. There are three filter positions;
narrow, medium, and wide. In the narrow position with the DSP
switched in the sidetone from my QRP+ and IC701 are barely audible.
In the medium and wide position the QRP+ sidetone comes through
very nicely while the higher pitched IC701 sidetone is still
attenuated. It's a minor annoyance but I can either tweak the
sidetone frequency or its volume on the IC701 to resolve the situation.

I have seen these DSP units being sold for $25.00 slightly used.
Got mine on sale when they first came out for the same price they're
selling for now.

I think one would fare better and be much happier with a SCAF kit
from OHR. I prefer the performance of the SCAF filter in my QRP+
to the RS DSP filter.

73 all,
Stephen Lee, AB7HI


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