HB vs Kit, $75 gift permits, marriage & other stuff


From: NYOUNG@nova.wright.edu
Date: Thu Dec 07 1995 - 18:42:16 EST

Ok, let's see... If I built it from scraps it's a home brew deal.
If I built it out of the book from scraps it's a home built deal.
ANd if I built it from a bag of stuff that I got from an address
in a book and it worked from the start, then it's a kit. But if I
needed to modify it to make it work, it's home-built. And if I
had to send it back to get it modified so that it would work after
I poured the parts out of a box that I got from an address in a book
and when I got it back it worked but I modified it anyway, then it's
home-built kit. But if it's a kit that I bought at the hamfest last
week and the parts spilled out of the bag on the way home and I had
to use some stuff from my junk drawer and then had to send it to
some guy in California whose address I got out of QST and he sent
it to my wife who modified it with some scraps that she had in the
box where she keeps the chains and straps then it's a kit that I got
as a gift because she said I could buy it, then it's home-made. But
then if it's home-made then I have to still send it back to the
factory in China that I read about in a magazine that arrived at the
house in a bag with the parts for the lawnmower that my 21-year-old
son can't use bacause it makes him sweat too much, then it's a kit.

Personally, I like to get points by using the radio that I bought
seven years ago and which now works because I finally got the stuff
that I should have gotten in the first place and didn't know abou
then because I was too stupid and it still doesn't work but I can
at least see the dial lights anyway to make points with the newspaper
girl's boyfriend's sister's brother who works at Drake but can't
understand why I still use the stuff, which does work.

Oh, by the way... I am reminded of the Julio Cortazar short story
about winding a watch: "They're not giving you the watch for your
birthday. You're the gift. They're giving you to the watch for the
watch's birthday."

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