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From: Nick Franco (
Date: Thu Dec 07 1995 - 17:11:07 EST

Hi All,

Well, just when you think you have them figured out.... they go an surprise
you. The XYL gave me the OK to order a small kit for Christmas. After the
OHR group buy is over, after probably all the NW kits are spoken for, etc.

So, the question is: in the $75.00 bracket - what are the options for 40
meters? I want to build something for the FoxHunts, and enjoyment.

I have built the SW-30 and love it. I have also build a couple of the
Pixie 2's from scratch, and various other simple things. I don't have much
experience in electronics (guess I wouldn't be able to get all those extra
multipliers points for 'true' home brewing, hi hi). If I had the money I
think I would go for the Norcal 40a, but oh well.

Does the Explorer come with that nice case and all as seen on Steve's web
page? How much is it?

I liked the NN1G rig so much I might lean toward the GM kits but don't know
if there's a 40 meter version.

The NW8020 in the 40m version sounds real inviting! Has anyone built one

Come on guys and gals, give me some feed back here, please. Obviously, I
chomping at the bit here but don't want to make a mistake or get into
something I can't handle. Also, while $75.00 or so may not be that big a
deal for most of you, it is to me. I surprised and thankful to be given
that to play with right now. I think I could build almost any kit with
decent instructions (I'm getting better, just not over confident). Any
input greatly appreciated. You can email me direct.

72 es thanks again,

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