Re: Homebrew VS. Kits


Date: Thu Dec 07 1995 - 15:48:15 EST

>Subject: Re: Homebrew VS. Kits
>>It seems to me what we are talking about here is "home brew" vs "home built."
>>Why don't we establish a rule that when a ham who designed his/her own
>>equipment sends HB it means "home brewed" and a ham who built his/her
>>equipment from a kit sends HB to mean "home built." Get my point?? :-)
>>Randy Pelt
>Hello Gang,
>I shot archery competetively before I got into ham radio. This was mainly
>3D shooting. This means shooting at life size 3 dimentional animal
>targets through the woods course at unknown distances. One shot per
>target. This seems fairly strait forward,doesn't it? But let me tell you, I
have never seen such a bunch of argumenttative people in my life, as these
>There was the "Using sights vs instinct shooting argument".
>Some used solid wooden bows and arrows, and wore buck skin clothes.
>Then there was the compound bow,( a pulley and cable contraption to get
>more speed into the arrow flight),vs the recurve. Each sub group wanted
>a special class to shoot in. They got it, however there were just so many
>prizes to go around and the each group got lesser prizes.
>How did the shoots turn out? Well after a lot of haggling, things did
>smooth out. The guys with the sights and compound bows always had the
>highest score.The "Primative" shooters in the coon skin caps always got
>the lowest score. Mostly everybody was happy becaue they were enjoying
>their sport in their own way.
>Folks, there are more than enough "Anti-ham ,anti-anythings" out there
>to go around. "If we don't all hang together, than we shall all hang
seperatly", goes the quote from a revolutionary war guy,I forget just who
>said it, but it is still true today.
>Let's be inclusionary rather than be exclusionary. There is room here
>for all.
>Epilog: I use my archery skill today to put up antennas.
de AA1IK N.E.-QRP-C. # 202 ( Lead by example, It is better to )
                  QRP-L member #95. ( pull a string than it is to push it.)
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