RE: S&S Eng. TAC1


From: Bob Nygren (
Date: Thu Dec 07 1995 - 17:43:36 EST

You wrote,

>Anyone have any first-hand knowledge of S&S's TAC1? Mike, WA8MCQ wrote an
>interesting "prototype sighting" last April, but was unable to comment on
>rig's performance.
>Craig, AA3MD Washington, D.C.
Hi Craig,
     I built the TAC-1 for 80 Meters earlier this year. My only
other qrp kit was the OHR Wattmeter. The kit is 2 circuit boards.
I took my time and had no major problems. You will need a frequency
counter and a half decent digital multimeter. The instructions and high
quality circuit boards makes construction fairly easy. But
again, patience is the key!
     I ran the TAC-1 in CW Sweepstakes using a horizontal 80 Meter
loop antenna. It was like shooting fish in a barrel!! 125 Qso's.
During the Holiday Sprint last weekend I worked 24 stations in 2
hours on 80 M.
     The TAC runs 5 watts out off a 13.6 volt supply. RX is nice
and tight. (No measurements, but Sweeps proved that!)
     I am pleased with my TAC !

     Regards, Bob WA3YON <>

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