Re: Homebrew vs Kits


From: Harry Chase (
Date: Thu Dec 07 1995 - 12:04:19 EST

This whole issue is beginning to sound like the rover scoring squabble
that raged some time ago on the VHF reflector (anyone here subscribed
to that will know what I'm talking about). IMO, the way to resolve
this is simple -- whether you buy, build kits, or homebrew completely
(even to the smelting of the metals:-)) , are you enjoying what you
are doing? If so, then it is probably the right thing here.

     It is easy to feel that you have "reached a higher level" than
the average ham when you can design and build all your own stuff; but
I wonder how much operating gets done? or club activity, etc.?
(my own experience here-- homebrewing takes *time*; it has to be a
labor of love, and it will take time away from other aspects of the
hobby - i.e., you have choices to make. and none of them are "right
or wrong", if they work out for your enjoyment of the hobby.)

     BTW, I do "total" homebrewing (except for the smelting:-) , I
build kits, AND I even use (ulp!) good old store-bought gear.
Whatever will accomplish what I am trying to do at the time.
Sometimes I even manage to get on the air!


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