Re: NorCal 40A working (Also HB vs kit)


From: Roger Hightower (
Date: Thu Dec 07 1995 - 11:44:25 EST

At 11:03 AM 12/7/95 EST, Stephen Trier wrote:
>Thanks to the help of many kind people, my NorCal 40A is working.
>I panicked too soon when I saw no output. I started debugging
>before I peaked C39 in the transmit mixer filter, which meant there
>was inadequate drive to the final. Make that about the 72nd thing
>I've learned from building this rig -- what a great educational
>experience! Sure beats classes... :-)
Congratulations, Stephen.

Now that basic design theory is not required to get a license, and no-one
HAS TO build rigs from scratch as in the dark past, building a kit is the
closest most folk can get to the essence of ham radio. Learning makes
it even better.

We have a number of hams in the local club busy constructing OHR kits, and
I doubt that any one of them would call it anything other than homebrew or
homebuilt. Building it, testing it, aligning and using it is enough of a
challenge for the contemporary ham.

I admire you old hams and EE types who can design/build a rig from scratch,
and if you want extra points you can have 'em. I worked on my first "glow
in the dark" rigs over 40 years ago, and am quite content to just build a
kit now. Don't have time to scrounge parts, lost too many brain cells to
remember all the circuit stuff, and it ain't important anyway. All this
one-upmanship is pointless.

72, de Roger

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