MaciIntosh Logging Programs


From: Gary R. Hanson (
Date: Thu Dec 07 1995 - 11:29:02 EST

Hey Gang,

Having done a preliminary search through the ftp sites, I didn't see much
in the way of computer logging programs for Macintosh computers. Did I
miss some obvious ones or is the *obvious* conclusion...they don't
exist. I've been a Mac convert since the 128k Mac toys, so don't even
suggest that I buy a PC.

Another topic: I just started experimenting with audio filters and built
the W1FB switched capacitive audio filter ala QRP Notebook. Question: I
know I need to put it in line before the final audio amp and will one of
these days, but when I just run the audio output into the filter and then
into the earphones, I am getting tremendous loss. Do all filters knock
the audio WAY DOWN? I did not have a meter to match the capicitors so
how critical is that *mistake*? Is the loss because the capacitors are
not matched?

In spite of the loss, the darn thing really knocks out the interference
and gets down to a bandwidth of 100 Hz. I finished building it during
the SS Contest and tuned 20 meters, boy did the filter make a difference!

Thanks for the advice and input in advance. This list has been a life
saver on several other topics already.


Gary, KJ5VW

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