NorCal 40A working


From: Stephen Trier (
Date: Thu Dec 07 1995 - 11:01:48 EST

Thanks to the help of many kind people, my NorCal 40A is working.
I panicked too soon when I saw no output. I started debugging
before I peaked C39 in the transmit mixer filter, which meant there
was inadequate drive to the final. Make that about the 72nd thing
I've learned from building this rig -- what a great educational
experience! Sure beats classes... :-)

I put it on the air last night. I found a strong signal calling CQ and
called him back. It turned out he was in Shaker Heights, maybe all of
5 miles away. He gave me a 559, and my CW copying & sending skills
were terrible, but that couldn't can my excitement!

Thanks again for the help, and I'll see you on the air!


Stephen Trier KG8IH

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