Vanity Calls


From: Phil Wheeler (
Date: Thu Dec 07 1995 - 10:26:39 EST

For what it's worth (see next paragraph) I was able to get the
long-awaited FCC Form 610-V yesterday by fax-on-demand from Gettysburg.
It is also available for download as a PCX file from (think
that's the right web spot).

But, I cannot find out when Gate 1 opens. Called FCC and they did not
know the form was available nor anything about it. ARRL was no more
helpful. And the form says not to submit before gate is open.
It is also not clear what (if anything) you need to provide to show you
previously held a call (gate 1). I'm after the 7th area call I last held
in 1960, and in those days they required you to send in the original
ticket when you renewed or changed call areas, and make a notation to
that effect in your log.

I apologize that this is not quite QRP. But it may be of interest to ome
qrp-l folks.

Phil (

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