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From: N1OOQ Tom R. @ MRO1 07-Dec-1995 1006 (@)
Date: Thu Dec 07 1995 - 10:19:28 EST

I'm with KC1TD on this... if you soldered it together and got it to work,
it's homebrew. If someone else did, it's not. Any further distinction is
much ado about nothing. All a kit does is give you all the parts in a bag,
rather than making you hunt through bins at a flea market for the same

Even non-kit homebrew could have dozens of flavors. For instance, what if
you picked a circuit out of a book and wired it up using parts you
scrounged yourself? Homebrew or no? This is essentially what I'm doing to
build a 30m/40m rcvr and matching transmitter, with a few design changes
to make them work on two bands. Rcvr is out of QRP Notebook, TX is out of
Solid State Design.

Less than 5W: QRP Greater than 5W: QRO No other factors are relevant.
You built it: homebrew You didn't: not " " " " "

Tom Randolph N1OOQ NE-QRP 419 QRP-L 87 ARRL

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