Homebrew vs Kits


From: Brad Mitchell (bmitchel@cba.kodak.com)
Date: Thu Dec 07 1995 - 09:44:26 EST

Pat Taber <ptaber@logicraft.com>
There's an equally false assumption that collecting your own parts and
tack-soldering them together means you must be a radio god. It's not true,
and the rate of success for either method when used by an unqualified person
is about the same.

My comment: Not a god by any stretch, but gathering your own components
building your own boards teaches principles of tolerances, and design that
you won't get by doing a connect the dot kit.

Brian AE9K

That includes copying the PCB pattern or buying a board from a vendor. Thats
no different than buying a customized bag of parts (kit?) that may be

Brian AE9K

Same Comment,

Try building a Sierra by buying the boards, and buying the parts by your self.
You exclusive kit builders would learn a lot. Stop being satisfied with connect
the dots! transition !!

        73 Brad WB8YGG

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