Re: Homebrew vs kits


From: V$
Date: Thu Dec 07 1995 - 08:29:22 EST

Randy NZ4I writes:
   Why don't we establish a rule that when a ham who designed his/her own
equipment sends HB it means "home brewed" and a ham who built his/her
equipment from a kit sends HB to mean "home built." Get my point?? :-)

I think thats the solution Randy...If you follow the Homebrewers creed as
stated by many on the new...even if you see a schematic in the handbook and
build a rig form that...your not home brewed because you didn't design it.

That includes copying the PCB pattern or buying a board from a vendor. Thats
no different than buying a customized bag of parts (kit?) that may be

Brian AE9K

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