Re: Homebrew VS. Kits


From: Brad Mitchell (
Date: Thu Dec 07 1995 - 07:46:56 EST

        Wow, I left the list , except for digest version, for about 6
months, come back and here is the topic we flamed about a couple years

        Bottom line I figure..

        1. There are a lot more homebrewers than people think (per the kit N.E.
                homebrew def). ( We never called heathkits homebrew!)
        2. Nothing's wrong with building a kit.
        3. An on the air contest is to see how many points you get by making contacts.
        4. We'll never agree on this topic.
        5. OBVIOUSLY Real Homebrewers have a need here to feel important!
                And rightfully so. It's easy on this forum for a bunch of
        people to get excited about a kit, or even something as trivial as
        a microphone, because there is something in common to share.
        Homebrewers don't have it that easy. The only common ground is
        design ideas.
        I suggested a contest for homebrewers, and send in you pictures to
        get scanned , put the pictures on the net etc.
        but didn't have the time. I think someone offered
        to scan the pictures at the time.. Something like this would help
        to make people that really homebrew, but not just build kits, feel
        good about their accomplishments, and delineate themselves from the
        norm. I'm not saying that homebrewing is better, but it certainly is
         a noteworthy accomplishment that typically gets little to no
        reckognition on this list. Don't think so? Next time a new design comes
        out, instead of buying the kit, buy the board, and find the parts. You'll
        find out how tolerant the original design was real quick, an probably learn
        about 100 times more to boot! This society of ours has driven us to bell
        curves in school that allow Johnny to graduate from High School and not read.
        I dissagree with this in general, and ;
        I take the stand that NO, KITS ARE NOT NOR WILL THEY EVER BE HOMEBREW, NO
         Once again, I have no time to facilitate a contest,
        just stirring the pot again for the 100th time., and the porrige is getting
        very thick... wow I'm starting to sound like Nils! :-)

                Now back to life.
        73 Brad WB8YGG


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