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From: ljones (ljones@why.net)
Date: Thu Dec 07 1995 - 01:39:09 EST

Greetings Gang...

   I just had to add my two pesos worth. This is my definition of HB. It is
something that is constructed from scratch, i.e. not a kit. Kits are fine,
but to me a kit is like baking a cake from a box mix. All the main
ingredients are there, all I add is the milk and eggs. Kits have all the
main ingredients there also, all I add is the solder and paint.
   Now, if you limit a contest to just HB rigs only, then you won't have
very many people operating the contest. Therefore, to have more people
operating a contest it is
beneficial to reclassify kits as HB. Because, lets face it. Very few hams
build their own tranceivers from scratch, what with the trouble of parts
   I know that when I did this stuff for a living, one of the biggest
problems was getting parts. And it got even worse when the quanitity of each
part decreased. I had a project that I was working on that the total
production run was 10 units. I ended up building up the units using sample
parts from the various vendors. I must admit that it was cheaper this way,
but what a headache. The sample parts usually took two to three times as
long to get, than if I had ordered 100 of each part.
   Like I said, just my two pesos worth...


dee-it dee-it (Texas Accent)

Larry n5osg

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Garland Tx 75043-3250

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