Re: MFJ 90xx how are they?


From: Robert J. Gobrick (
Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 20:01:58 EST

Brad and QRP-L gang,

Yes you are correct in that the MFJ 90xx is a Rick Littlefield K1BQT design.
By the way I consider Rick the QRP Father of the NE-602 QRP Transceiver
design. Although there were a number of folks working on the NE-602 it was
Rick who wrote numerous articles in the old Ham Radio, CQ and 73 magazine on
a miniature transceiver that was (and still is) a marvel of it's time back
in the late 80's. I remember when Pete Hoover W6ZH wrote this neat article
in CQ showing how he packaged Ricks rig in a tiny 4X4X2 cabinet with keyer,
RIT, XIT and the kitchen sink thrown in.

Anyway where was I.. Oh yea, I also think that the commercial incarnation
of Rick's design - the MFJ 90xx series of rigs will be one of the all time
classic rigs that gets folks into QRP. It is a great rig to help introduce
folks to QRP and then the next step is to get them into kit building. You
have to remember many folks are scared of building a kit yet they want to
try out this QRP thing - why they keep hearing about these fox hunts, QRP
afields and QRP-to-the-field events - that has got to interest them. The
MFJ 90xx fits the bill to a tee. By the way the design is still a good
working one as witnessed by the new NW8020 that Roy W6EMT introduced which
is a take off of Rick's design (also I'm sure Dave NN1G and Wayne N6KR have
been influenced by Rick's work).

My point is if you know a ham (old timer or newbee) who is interested in QRP
and is a little hesitant to build a rig then there is no safer way to get
them into it then recommending the MFJ unit. I know in my case the thrill I
had in working Egypt on 20 meter cw on my FIRST QRP QSO was a memorable
moment (Ok so I was lucky and I just didn't wait for any ole stateside QSO
to claim as my FIRST QRP QSO :^).

73/72 Bob VO1DRB/WA6ERB

PS And all the standard stuff but I sure wish I had a buck for every
product that MFJ has come out with..

At 08:51 11/30/95 EST, you wrote:
> Hi all, I was wondering opinions about these rigs.
>I think they are based on a Rick Littlefield design, but not sure.
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