Explorer Questions


From: Bradley Mugleston (bmugleston@dttus.com)
Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 13:18:16 EST

          I have read the Explorer II assembly instructions and the
          Iambic Keyer instructions. Per Marshall Emm's directions I
          have photocopied both boards. Now I have some questions.
          1- I want to build the Keyer inside the case for the
          Explorer. Is this a good idea or are there good reasons for
          having it external?
          2- If the keyer is internal I believe I should connect the
          keyer "out to xmtr" wire to the switched leg (labeled #2 N/C
          in fig 1 of the Explorer assembly instructions) of the KEY
          jack. Is this correct?
          3- Page 13 of the Explorer instructions, under "Fiinal
          Assembly" second step, it says "Cut both leads of the
          1N4007 diode. Place a small hook at the end of each
          lead...". To me it looks like it says just to wack those
          suckers off - shouldn't I maybe measure them for length, put
          a small hook on the ends and then wack the excess off?
          4- I've seen in this list the use of a diode(s) in line with
          the power line in. Should this be done and how? (both
          sides, which diode(s) to use, and which way to put them in)
          Well thats enough for now. My soldering iron has been
          pluged in for 24 hours now and I haven't made a mistake yet,
          havent soldered or cut anything yet either but lets not get
          72, Brad KB0ROL

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