Re: Yaesu FT70G info?


From: John Garrett (
Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 13:35:19 EST

The Yaesu FT70 is a fairly rugged transportable transceiver with
thumb-wheel switches for setting the freq, in the version that I have
used. We bought a used one for a schools expedition to Svalbard,
where it worked quite well and was a bit lighter to carry than the
army Clansman back-pack sets.

For anyone likely to be using a Clansman, by the way, be warned that
the frequency read-out is that of the notional centre of the
pass-band, not the "carrier" freq. This caused a lot of trouble when
trying to work between the Yaesu FT70 and the Clansman, as you can

Now, what was the QRP anecdote?

73 de John, G3RHP


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