re: winding torroids of various colors


From: N1OOQ Tom R. @ MRO1 30-Nov-1995 1336 (@)
Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 13:42:28 EST

> type tuner and uses a couple of torroids wound with tapped coils....My
> question is this...How critical is the torroid type is this kind of
> tuner...I have 2 "grey" torroids that according to the handbook are good
> for .05 to .5 mhz and the plan calls for "yellow" torroids.....should I

Get the right toroids from Amidon. As you can see just from the handbook
info, the grey toroids are no good above 500 KHz. So unless your tuner is
for receiving WWVB on 60 KHz, it won't be much use.

The difference is the magnetic material the toriod is made of. They're only
good over a certain freq range. Beyond that range you might end up with
something more like a resistor or a capacitor than an inductor.

BTW, don't depend on the color. Different manufacturers color them

-Tom R. N1OOQ

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