Info on Green Mountain 20


Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 10:15:24 EST

I got a mail message that said this file was damaged in transit. Oh no,
shades of the U.S. Postal Service! Here it is again:

The Green Mountain 20 came up like a champ. Went from the smoke test to
complete alignment in about 15 minutes.

It was very easy to align the GM-20. I peaked up the oscillator signal as
received in my adjacent FT-1000, which was about S-1 without a sensing
antenna. I peaked up the receiver by ear. It was late at night and 20 was
dead, so I peaked up the atmospheric noise, which worked fine. I aligned the
transmitter by tuning for max power into my Oak Hills QRP wattmeter.

First impressions. The rig puts out 2.5 watts. The receiver sounds very
clean with no detection of the unwanted sideband. Audio out easily drives a
four-inch speaker.

The unit has an LM380 audio amp which really belts out bone-jarring audio.
 It easily drives a four inch speaker with audio that can be heard throughout
the house.

Special features include a KC-1 freq counter/keyer, built-in paddles, and an

The GM-20 is a lot of fun, and a lot of radio for 72 bucks.



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