For Sale, QRP Rig, $75


Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 10:07:54 EST

Hi Folks-

I'm cleaning out my shack, and have the following QRP rig for sale:

Small Wonder Labs 40-30. QRP rig for 30 meters. Price is $75 (firm), which
includes priority US mail within the United States.

Description: This is a single band QRP transceiver for 30 meters. The
receiver is a superhet. Special features include a built-in Curtis Keyer,
and a Radio Shack audio amp kit, to beef up the audio output of the radio.
 With the additional built-in amp, the radio easily drives an outboard
speaker. The rig has a PL-259 jack, on/off switch in the back, and an LED
on/off indicator in the front.

The rig does not have the optional RIT built-in. But I do have the RIT kit,
so an experienced builder could install RIT. The unit delivers about 1.5 W
transmit power out. On receive, it draws much less than 100 mA, so is ideal
for battery use.

The kit was built by me into a tiny 4 inch x 4 inch x 2 inch transceiver. It
is shown in my May 1995 QST article on page 60. It is the radio furthest to
the right, on top.

I have easily worked DX with this little gem, using only a Cushcraft R7
vertical. DX worked includes A35 in Tonga.

I do not monitor the QRP list, so please reply directly to:



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