For sale, keyer, $25


Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 10:08:02 EST

Hi Folks-

I'm cleaning out my shack, and have the following electronic keyer unit for

A&A electronic keyer. Price is $25 (firm), which includes priority US mail
within the United States.

This is a vanilla electronic keyer unit. It is a fully functioning PC board
unit, but does not include the case and case parts. So it is ideal for
installing into a) a QRP kit, or b) a case. It makes dots and dashes. It
has a built-in side-tone. It's easy to hook up, because connections are made
via connector prongs on the board, which interface with common connectors.
 The unit is pretty small, about 2 in x 2 in.

I do not monitor the QRP list, so please reply directly to:



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