79er Sprint


From: Ted Albert (teda@lexis-nexis.com)
Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 08:48:04 EST

I have finished building the second regenerative receiver for
use during this winter's Colorburst Sprint, now it is time
to start working on the new transmitter. Here is another
reminder of the event.

Announcing the :

QRP-NE (QRP Club of New England)

    79er SPRINT

When: Each Thursday evening during February and March, 1996

Modes: CW - Crystal and VFO Control

Freq: ~ 3.579 MHz

Power Level - 5 Watts or less output power

Time: 9:00 - 10:00 p.m. EDT (0200-0300 UTC)

To Call CQ - See below

Exchange - RST QTH NE#X NAME; ie.....579 MA NE46X Harry

Members use QRP-NE number; NE46 and Add X if XTAL control; NE46X
Non-members use Power Level; 4W and Add X if XTAL control; 4WX

 QSOs are cumulative: Work the same station on subsequent Thursdays.

  The 79er transmitter was NE-QRP's first club project. It uses a
  3579.545 kHz crystal to set the frequency. These crystals are used
  in the color-burst oscillator of all color TV sets in the United
  States and Canada, and in other devices as well.

  The 79er event is an on-the-air get-together, not a contest. Last
  year, everyone used a mixture of homebrew transmitters with colorburst
  crystals and commercial QRP rigs. This year, we will welcome all
  QRP stations to the event. Everyone works everyone this year.
  Crystal-controlled stations append the letter "X" to their
  calls, such as "KF8EE/X." Yes, it's legal. We hope this event will
  stimulate everyone to build a crystal-controlled transmitter to use
  during the event!

   Send Logs to: Ted Albert, KF8EE
                      1924 Timberidge Drive
                      Loveland, OH 45140
   e-mail Logs to: teda@lexis-nexis.com

        Logs need to be received by April 30, 1996. Results
        will be published in "72".

     State Output Power Level, Type of Rig, and Antenna Type on logs.
     Include comments on the event or how you built your crystal-controlled
     transmitter for inclusion in the report in "72".

   Watch out: W1AW transmits bulletins at 10:00 pm. on 3.581 MHz

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Transmitter Reference articles:

In case you were wondering, "79er" comes from 3.579 MHz

Articles abound on building a simple crystal controlled
transmitter for 80 meters. Try the "Universal QRP Transmitter",
page 26 of "Solid State Design " (ARRL), or "The Oner" (Sprat),
or "The Cubic Incher" (ARRL), or "The 79er"/"Colorburst Special"

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