Re: HTX-100!


From: Alan Kaul (
Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 02:43:41 EST

David: during happier sunspot times (90-91-92) I took the rig on
vacation to Hawaii and using a dipole at about 10 feet above ground from
my hotel, and about 20 feet above the ground at a rental house, I worked
35-countries on 10. Best DX was South Africa (ZS6), and I was able
to work a lot of W's and K's, including old friend K6DUE in North Carolina.
On another trip I strung a 3-element bobtail curtain between two trees
right on the beach and had about a 2-hour run to the USA, including a
long chat with world famous 10-X member Gerry, WA6POZ (my former QSL
manager when I was JY9RL). It was some fun! Using batteries while
sitting in a sand chair, with wife and daughter splashing nearby!!!!

With various 11m radios converted to 10m and running 5w, I worked from Los
Angeles about 40-states and several South American stations (never having
an antenna better than a vertical) between about '76 and '81 (another
good sunspot time). When the solar index peaks above 200 (if they
ever do again), work the world! Good DX, 73/72 de alan

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