SS Results - AB5WB


From: Andrew Hair (ab253@rgfn.epcc.Edu)
Date: Mon Nov 20 1995 - 23:33:36 EST

To all:

I finally decided to give the SS Phone weekend a try, QRP. What a
challenge! I even tried a series of CQ's only to receive a couple of
replies. It's tough to compete in a sea of 40 over 9 signals, but
possible. I was surprised at the number of encouraging words from QRO
stations. Or maybe they were words of sympathy, I couldn't tell. In
all, I managed 165 Q's in 10 hours of screaming into the mic. The
section total was 58 for a score of 19,140. Well, at least I qualified
for the pin! Those of the QRP faithfull worked:

AA6DC - Booming signal into El Paso

One interesting tid bit...all the QRP stations worked resulted in
mini-rag chews in the middle of all the confusion. In all, I had a great
time and am looking forward to more contest done in the QRP mode.


Andrew Hair - AB5WB
El Paso, Texas


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