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From: Robert J. Gobrick (
Date: Mon Nov 20 1995 - 21:22:54 EST

Hi Bill,

Well keep plugging away at the "hamfest" circuit giving qrp talks - it's an
uphill battle at times. I was talking to Byron WA8LCZ a while back and his
club has become receptive to QRP but if I remember correctly he said it took
a few times.

I gave a QRP talk this past summer at a local Newfoundland Provincial
hamfest to about 30 attendees and it was a lot of fun, but... To warm up
the audience I asked a few questions

1. Looking around (I knew I'd get some stirring here) - "How many folks have
ever built a kit?" - Yeah - good show of hands (they remembered Heathkit).

2. "How many folks solder their own connectors etc?" Yeah - more hands -
this was looking promising.

3. Finally the BIG question to get this crowd aroused - this was going to be
something, while holding up my little New England QRP Club 40-40 I asked the
question "How many folks want to build this QRP transceiver kit and bring
some fun back into your ham radio lives????" NOT A SINGLE HAND....

So that was the start of my 20 minute presentation - boy it took some
drawn-from-within resources to keep this audience awake - hi. (P.S. NEVER,
NEVER give a talk on the Sunday afternoon session of a hamfest - hi OR
don't eat garlic for lunch that day...)

73/72 Bob VO1DRB/WA6ERB

At 20:21 11/19/95 EST, you wrote:
>The Ft Wayne (Indiana) Hamfest was thgis weekend. It is a two day
>hamfest that draws about 5000 people.. I gave a talk on QRP -
>attended by 8 people - a bit of a disappointment.
>73 - Bill Kelsey - N8ET
>Kanga US
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