From: PETER CALCANDY (pcalcand@sescva.esc.edu)
Date: Sun Nov 19 1995 - 22:33:28 EST

Sweepstakes '95 is over. Had a real rough beginning. Planned on working
through the night but 75 meters was rough. Made very few QSO's. Here
on Long Island, the noise was exceptional. Between the QRM and QRN (static
crashes) my s meter was sitting around an S6-S8. Anyone else find the
same situation? Conditions improved Sunday AM. 15 Meters was tops and I
spent all my time there when the band was open. 20 meters wasn't bad but
the QRM made it tough. 40 and 75 meters had their moments. As soon as
the sun went down, seems like everyone made their way to 75 meters. I need
to do some antenna work for next year. This means I have to buy the houses
on either side of me and erect a pair of tall masts. I am also looking into
renting the Goodyear Blimp for the day. Heard very few QRP stations and
worked only two. My second contact was with WA3YON who is a member of this
list. I know this because he was looking for his FREE BEER after the QSO.
Well, write to me and lets make arangements to meet in some gin mill to
collect your prize.I also worked WB0GAZ but he didn't mention anything
about FREE BEER but if you are a member of this list, write to me and I
will try to send you an IBQ (like an IRQ but a IBQ is an INTERNATIONAL
BEER COUPON which can be redeemed in any bar in the world for a glass of
the local domestic beer).

132 QSO'S, 264 POINTS X 56 MULTS. = 14,784

wasted aroung 10 hours on the radio.


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